That Was Quick

First hand of the day, I raise to 2500 UTG+2 with AKs. Older guy in the CO takes a minute to eye up my stack and think, then shoves some ridiculous amount like 35K. I’m pretty sure he has AQ, because of the hands he would monkey-ship, it’s the only he’s most likely to have to think about (AK/JJ he probably shoves a lot faster).

I’m equally sure he’s going to get there. Sure enough, dealer opesn the flop and it’s Q32 with one spade. Turn and river blank off and finished.

3 thoughts on “That Was Quick

    • Yeah, to add insult to injury, it was really overcast yesterday. So I blew another 1K on a 6-max tournament instead of going outside to play. But I’m proud to report that I’ve just returned from a full day of water parking, and this place really is as sick as everyone makes it sound.

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