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A few weeks ago, I hinted at a big announcement. It got delayed by a few weeks, but today I am proud to announce that I will be a member of Poker Stars Team Online this year.

I can honestly say that it an honor to represent Poker Stars. Not only do they offer the best games and the best customer service of any site I’ve ever played on, but they are by far the most trustworthy and upstanding. To the Poker Ethicist, that stuff is important.

When I see Poker Stars reps soliciting players’ opinions on poker forums or talking about recent game changes on the Two Plus Two Pokercast, I am always impressed by the level of thoughtfulness that goes into their decisions. Even when there are changes that don’t benefit me personally, it is reassuring to see that they are not made arbitrarily. There are people who understand poker and look out for the interests of all of their players, not just those who play high stakes or high volume, calling the shots, and the result is the best online poker site on the internet.

So if you see me at the tables (soon to be sporting a headshot of yours truly as my avatar), be sure to say hi- I’m now contractually obligated to talk to you!

27 thoughts on “Poker Stars Team Online

  1. Now you have extra motivation to finish your book, since this should get you 1-2 extra sales. And I don’t say that only because I’d like to read it (if within my price range), or because I’ve learned a lot reading your blog, but those might factor in somewhat. 🙂

    • Members of Team Online have to choose between the power to turn off doomswitches or the power to turn them on. I chose the latter- just seems more fun. Rumor has it Negreanu can do both, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. Congrats on making it to the next level man… goes to show, hard work does payoff. I look forward to watching your continued success…


  3. Andrew,

    Congratulations, been following your blog ever since I became a Savvy member almost two years ago. I have one question I’ve always been curious about – do the terms of your deal with Pokerstars obligate you to play only on Pokerstars, or are you allowed to play on other sites still?

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