WSOP Day 5

Just a quick update to say that I survived the day with a little shy of 1.6 million chips. I think that’s a touch above average. In some ways it wasn’t a real significant day. I won a sizable pot early on with a set vs. an overpair, but other than that I was mostly trading medium pots back and forth.

I knew that a lot was going to hinge on what happened with Christian Harder, who started the day on my left with just 200K. If he busted, he was very likely to be replaced by someone less good, but if he ran up his stack, it was going to make the day tougher for me. Well, he ran up his stack. I put a little thought into how to keep him from making too much of his position, but overall I definitely had to adapt my game as a result of his being there.

I did a few interviews today as well. Here’s a piece from ESPN’s Gary Wise wrote, and here’s an interview with I did one with Cardplayer as well, but I don’t think it’s up yet. I’ll try to get you a link when it is.

I’m already 5 for 6 in Main Event cashes, and tomorrow I’ll be looking to lock up my third top 100 finish. Pretty exciting stuff. Sorry that I haven’t had time to respond to everything individually, but I really appreciate all of the tweets, comments, and e-mails that I’ve received. I promise that I’ve read and appreciated all of them.

24 thoughts on “WSOP Day 5

  1. Table Draw
    Andrew Brokos 1,572,000 Amazon / 314 / 1
    James Ruszkiewicz 193,000 Amazon / 314 / 2
    Carl Olson 531,000 Amazon / 314 / 3
    John Esposito 860,000 Amazon / 314 / 4
    Matthew Kay 1,880,000 Amazon / 314 / 5
    Chris Bonita 939,000 Amazon / 314 / 6
    Stefan Huber 1,789,000 Amazon / 314 / 7
    Ruben Visser 1,127,000 Amazon / 314 / 8
    Feming Chan 631,000 Amazon / 314 / 9

    Table doesn’t look too bad. Only two players with a few more chips.

    Good luck Andrew!

    • I used to play in a home game with Huber, but he got a lot better since then than I did. He’s definitely a very good aggressive player.

      • Huber was on the secondary feature table yesterday for hours. He had another large stack on his immediate left, and overall Huber appeared to play very, very well.
        rewatch the coverage to see how he plays.

  2. Online player ch0ppy, and then many accomplished live players. looks like a tough table draw, but with 142 players left, i wouldn’t expect to see any soft tables.

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Been following your site and progress avidly over the last few years. Congrats on another amazing run, and it’s still not finished yet!
    By the way, I’m from Australia so I’ll be cheering for you.

    I’ve been pretty happy with the coverage this year too, at first wasn’t too sure but I think the ESPN ‘live’ is pretty cool… great for trying to guess the hands and looks pretty realistic.

  4. Flop’em dead Andrew! It was a pleasure meeting you and talking with you in person the past few days at the Rio. Sorry I won’t be there in your rooting section but I busted 330th and must return to the wife and family lol, but I’ll be following you online and perhaps even on ESPN2. Best of luck Andrew, although your decisions are so well thought out that we know you won’t need to rely on luck to keep it going!


  5. Day 7 Seat Draw:

    340 1 –empty–
    340 2 Andrew Brokos 2,505,000
    340 3 Guillaume Darcourt 5,340,000
    340 4 Kenny Shih 1,240,000
    340 5 Stuart Tuvey 2,585,000
    340 6 Sebastian Ruthenberg 890,000
    340 7 John Hewitt 5,045,000
    340 8 Christopher Moore 5,260,000
    340 9 Erick Lindgren 2,195,000

    Possible featured table with E-dog?
    Andrew sitting on his left, should be fun.

    Oh and I have never used my “One Time”, so I will officially use it now for Andrew.

    ONE TIME!!!!!!!

  6. Stick it to that Lindgren. 2 more days of rungood and runbetter. We live vicariously through you. One time dealer!

    • Very, but she’s also very nice. I find these rushed “stand awkwardly in front of the camera” interviews difficult to do well, but she put me at ease more than any other interviewer I’ve worked with. Definitely the exact opposite of my past experiences talking to extremely attractive women 🙂

  7. GL Andrew, keep playing well.

    For the twitter followers, let’s trend Andrew as #nextworldchamp.

  8. Another great run! So incredible. Feel “proud” to have been following you and your poker progress the last 3 years now. So many great players that the masses do not know of, I am glad that you are getting some great press! Can’t wait for next year

    • I’m not the best person to asked, since I’m not familiar with any of the non-US sites and I’m sponsored by PokerStars. I will say though that PokerStars has the best customer support and the best variety of games available, hands down. If you ever become a serious player, you’ll need to have a PokerStars account, so you might as get used to the software now IMO.

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