WSOP Day 6 Miracle

I owe you guys an apology. After sending a mysterious tweet from the table claiming that it was “literally a miracle” that I didn’t bust on a particular Day 6 hand, I took my merry time in providing any explanation and actually posted the hand in BBV before posting it here. So anyway, here’s the very fortunate turn of events that resulted in my confounding fate in the WSOP Main Event:

Blinds were 15K/30K/5K. I opened to 70K UTG with AA. John Esposito called in MP, Matt “Ch0ppy” Kay overcalled, and everyone else folded. Both Villains covered me.

The flop came K77. I bet 150K, John folded, and Matt called.

Turn was a blank, we both checked.

River K, I checked, he bet 250K, and I called. He quickly tabled pocket Kings for quads. “I did not see that you’d raised,” he told me as he scooped the pot.

As I mucked my Aces, I got a glimpse of an alternate universe where Kay reads the action correctly. He surely squeezes, and then I 4-bet, and then he shoves, and obviously I call with the nuts, but then he makes quads to send me to the rail.

I guess somewhere out there there’s another alternate universe where we get it in, he doesn’t suck out, and I double up. In this world, though, I am probably about $100,000 poorer if he follows the action correctly in that hand.

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