Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 1 Featuring Shane “Shaniac” Schleger

I’m very excited to announce this new podcast hosted by myself and my friend Nate Meyvis. Our objective is to provide insight into the strange and fascinating world of poker, its culture, and its people. We’re going to talk about strategy, current events, and books and feature as guests some of the most interesting people we’ve met or would like to meet in the world of poker.

Episode 1 features Shane “Shaniac” Schleger, an online poker legend who talks candidly about life as a poker refugee in Rosarito, poker’s relationship to his mental health, and what being a poker professional means to him.

Music for the episode was provided by Monogold. The song is “Spirit or Something” from their album The Softest Glow.

You can download and listen to this episode using the player below. It should be available through iTunes shortly, but in the meantime you can subscribe to the podcast directly.

We’re eager for your feedback. Please e-mail us or leave a comment here with questions, comments, and suggestions about anything: guests, content, format, etc. If nothing else, we’d be grateful just to know that you listened to the show and whether you liked it.


10 thoughts on “Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 1 Featuring Shane “Shaniac” Schleger

      • Solid effort boys.

        I am far from an expert, but this appeared to be well planned. Podcasts/interviews/etc. are much more than two smart guys hitting record and having a conversation. There did seem to be plenty of unscripted conversation, but the overall program went together very well.

        I came to the podcast via Andrew’s blog. I feel like I know him or am familiar with him. I cannot say the same for Nate. So I would like to learn more about him; just a suggestion.

        I thought the hand analysis was very good. Kind of like a live version of one of Andrew’s “What’s your play?” posts. Also enjoyed the back and forth. Andrew disagreed with some of Nate’s play and both sides of the issue were discussed without Nate being defensive or completely acquiescing.

        And Shaniac was refreshing.

        • Ah, interesting. I am “Nate.” on 2+2, formerly “nate1729,” if you’re into that sort of thing.

          Good to know that listeners might want some sort of bio or introduction to me.

          Thanks for listening!

  1. Very enjoyable first podcast – looking forward to the next one
    I liked the back and forth on the hand analysis – would be interesting to involve your guests and their thoughts as well

  2. Like others I really enjoyed the hand discussion.

    I thought the interview was ok. I thought it was a valid point that Andrew made with respect to the therapist questioning an ‘online poker dream’. I thought the discussion with Tommy Angelo in the second podcast was much better, maybe because I found TA more likeable as a guest.

    As for the music, well…

    • Thanks Raven, really appreciate the feedback. We’re going to have a wide variety of guests and music, so I expect any given individual will enjoy some shows much more than others, but hopefully they’ll all be worth a listen 🙂

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