Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 2 Featuring Tommy Angelo

This week’s guest is Tommy Angelo, the great poker player, writer, philosopher, psychologist, humorist… the list goes on. Tommy’s two books, Elements of Poker and A Rubber Band Story (follow links to read my reviews) are available for purchase from Amazon or from Tommy’s website. I recommend buying directly from Tommy because he’ll get a much bigger chunk of the sale and you’ll get a free inscription and a free copy of the ebook(s). Speaking of free, Tommy’s got plenty of free poker writing available on his website as well.

Ultra Death Men provided this week’s music, including the song “Orel Hershiser” that closed out the show. If you want to hear more of their stuff, their digital album Muscles is available for download for a price of your choosing from the Ultra Death Men bandcamp page.

Thanks to everyone who’s listened so far and especially to those who’ve e-mailed with comments and suggestions. We’ve integrated much of your feedback into this week’s show, so please keep the e-mails coming.

The Thinking Poker Podcast is now listed in the iTunes directory, or you can subscribe directly. Enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 2 Featuring Tommy Angelo

  1. Awesome… your recommendations of Tommy’s video series and writings was something that led me to discover how wonderful his work is. And now your interviewing him…. great episode!

  2. Andrew & Nate, thanks for having Tommy Angelo on your show! A big fan of his work (and yours as well Andrew) he never disappoints.

  3. I skipped the Shaniac podcast and started with this one. I thought it was excellent. Great music selection and great production value. I look forward to more!

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