Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 5 Featuring Vanessa Selbst

Does Vanessa Selbst really require an introduction? Not only is she a graduate of Yale Law School and a member of Team PokerStars with two WSOP bracelets and a two-for-two record in the NAPT Mohegan Sun, but since recording this interview, she won the $5000 preliminary event at the Bellagio Festa al Lago. Vanessa is coaching chip leader Jesse Sylvia in preparation for the WSOP Main Event, but you can learn from her for a fraction of the price by watching her videos at Deuces Cracked. You can find the Tournamentality podcast that Nate and I mention during the show at that same link.

The article Nate mentions at the beginning of the strategy segment is Winning in a Tight Game, published by Card Player.

This week’s music comes from Czech indie rock group Please the Trees. A New Heart is the song from the outro. You can download their new album A Forest Affair and listen to select tracks at that website.

Do you think there’s sexism in poker? Do you think it’s a problem? Please let us know your opinions on this or any other aspect of the show in the comments section below or by e-mailing us.

3 thoughts on “Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 5 Featuring Vanessa Selbst

  1. I enjoyed this.

    I know I for one tend to get very bored playing 10 handed live 1/2.

    A little late I know but I thought a good questions would have been for Vanessa;

    What if a guy played the woman’s event to make a point but promised to donate his winnings to breast cancer research?

    And as for future podcast…

    I feel like, with all the talk about online coming back, no one is talking about the elephant in the room.

    That computer programs (like table ratings, holdem manager, shark scope, sitngo wizard) combined with bots that are getting better and better (just a matter of time i.e. deep blue) that even good amateurs will give up online because it is too hard to win. Only anecdotal but I feel like more and more people everyday when I play live are saying stuff like “I don’t play online anymore it is too hard.”

    Not to mention I have personally heard reliable second hand stories of tons of collusion going on (mostly in low buy in sitngos and small/medium stakes cash). By hole card sharing.

    • Yeah sorry about that. It’s not representative of what you’ll find on other episodes. We didn’t really have any leverage with Vanessa to insist she get on Skype to talk to us.

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