Winning in a Tight Game

My latest poker strategy article, Winning in a Tight Game, is now available from the Card Player website. As the name suggests, it draws on some of my recent experiences in nitty live games to talk about how and why such games can be profitable:

“I was up nearly $1,000 after three hours in this game, without ever winning more than $200 in a single hand and having gone to showdown only twice in pots of any size. My super-secret big winning play was the continuation bet. I habitually raised limpers, occasionally three-bet late position raisers when I had position on them, and then bet flops. Everyone gave up easily, and I raked in two $50 – $100 pots for every one that I lost.

My other big money maker in this game, which is going to bring us back to that pocket kings hand in just a moment, was being able to make some big folds. That may not sound like a money maker, but money not lost is money won.”

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2 thoughts on “Winning in a Tight Game

  1. I enjoyed this one a lot it was a good reflection upon the style I had some months ago. I enjoyed also the “ambiance” that was created here. It’s like you have no emotion at all while talking about this hand but it’s not emotionless at the same time.
    That’s also a rule you get from trading : make huge profits with small losses. That’s a strategy allowing you to win overall in life !

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