Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 7 Featuring Matt Parvis

Matt Parvis of Poker News joins us to talk about how his interview with Howard Lederer came about, how he prepared for it, and what he wishes he’d done differently. Matt’s excellent blog post on the same subjects is what inspired us to invite him on the show. For a lighter take on the subject, check out this “I Don’t Know” montage that we mentioned on the air. After his interview with Matt, Howard answered more questions on the Two Plus Two Pokercast. After initially agreeing to an interview with blogger Diamond Flush, Howard cancelled that interview. Diamond Flush has since published a series called “The Distortion of Truth in the Lederer Files“.

Eric Epstein’s “Milky Fakes” served as the outro song this week.

For those who can’t be bothered to listen to the whole episode, here are a few key timestamps:

0:13 Intro
4:51 Strategy Segment: How to Use Position
23:44  Matt Parvis on The Lederer Files
57:00 Matt Parvis on PokerNews
1:15:20 Your esteemed hosts reflect on the interview
1:20:41 Outro and request for music submissions
1:21:20 Eric Epstein “Milky Fakes”

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4 thoughts on “Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 7 Featuring Matt Parvis

  1. Best sound quality yet. Score one for Frankenstorm.
    Good of you to introduce a broader audience to Matt Parvis. I can’t say he nailed the Lederer interview, but I enjoyed his interview with you guys. He came across as genuine, and worth following.
    ps. bagpipes for the win

  2. I thought Matt Parvis had a great presence. It’s interesting to have just audio on the podcast, so I could sense his general ease and honesty without need of defensiveness. I didn’t see the video interview with Lederer, but generally the body language is so telling and we rely on that in forming opinions and responses. It was interesting how Matt explained that his strategy included not coming on too strong to have Lederer get cold feet and cancel the interview all together. The long hot day could lead to both letting down defenses, as well as other factors Matt would have changed if he could have. Considering I know very litte of poker strategy, I did sense that Matt probably gained more information than if he had tried to force issues. There is a time for ruthlessness and a time for yielding. Another stellar guest and interview for your podcast- thanks.

  3. Great podcast. Loved the tactical section about position, interesting and educational for a relative novice like myself. Thanks.

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