Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 8 Featuring Ben Wilinofsky

Ben “NeverScaredB” Wilinofsky is an MTT superstar with an EPT title and over $3 million in online tournament cashes, but that’s not why we asked him to come on the show (though it is why we asked him to stick around for the strategy segment, which is by far the highest-level strategy discussion we’ve had to date). Ben has recently started blogging about his struggles with anxiety and depression and is participating in the Movember campaign to raise money for men’s mental health issues. In our interview he talks about his own experiences wrestling with these challenges and the stigma that surrounds these issues for many Canadian men.

Ben has a free poker lesson to whomever makes the largest donation through his Movember page. It looks like as of publication time the number to beat is just $200, which is a hell of a deal for poker coaching from a player of Ben’s caliber. I’d love to see one of our listeners bump that bar up to where it belongs for such a great opportunity.

Ben also talked about the You Can Play Project and the great work they are doing to make sports more welcoming to LGBT atheletes.

As I mentioned, Ben also agreed to talk strategy with us, and Nate and I felt that this unique opportunity justified a longer-than-usual strategy segment. Here are some key key timestamps for this nearly two-hour long episode of the Thinking Poker Podcast!

00:15 Introduction and a story from the Borgata Poker Open
14:03 Movember discussion with Ben Wilinofsky
58:39 Discussion of WCOOP heads up match between Andrew Brokos and Ben Wilinofsky
1:54:20 Outro

Musically, we’re re-using the Bubblegum Octopus music from Episode 6 pending a decision what to do going forwards. Changing songs every week is proving burdensome editorially.

Lastly, our apologies for the delay in publishing this. It was a combination of sound editing and my being occupied at the Borgata. Happy Thanksgiving!

5 thoughts on “Thinking Poker Podcast Episode 8 Featuring Ben Wilinofsky

  1. Great episode.

    Really enjoyed the strategy review. Particularly the QJ hand. Nice to hear the game dynamic commentary and how you respectively perceived eachother’s strategy.

    • I’m glad you liked the strategy discussion–I know I did. They won’t all be as advanced as that, but I do like to think they’re improving.

      Thanks for the note!

  2. Yes great strategy discussion.

    I was particularly interested in what I believe was the J9o vs T9o hand.

    As Nate points out, it seems the token line is to bet more when your range is more polarized. The reason Andrew chooses to bet less is because in this case his bluffing range is so small?

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