Podcast Episode 14 Featuring Zachary Ellwood

Zachary Ellwood is a former professional poker player and author of “Reading Poker Tells“. We recorded this episode on the assumption that I would have already published a review of the book, which unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to doing yet. I don’t think it will matter terribly much, but I will say briefly that I quite liked the book both in terms of its content and how it was written, and that was a big part of the motivation for having Zach on the show.

Zach also blogs and tweets about poker tells. This post about Pius Heinz is among his favorites.

This week’s strategy discussion referenced this thread about a hypothetical heads up match where you always have AA and your opponent knows that.

Sorry for lack of timestamps but I’m posting this from the PCA on bad internet so I didn’t download and listen to the final product as I usually do. I’m just posting this and trusting Nate did a good job putting it together 🙂

3 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 14 Featuring Zachary Ellwood

  1. 00:00-18:49 is the book review
    18:50-42:25 strategy review
    42:40-end interview

    Interesting episode chaps. I think the AA game is very interesting and I seem to recall sauce saying in an interview that he had spent the time solving it.

    Did find it a little difficult hearing Nate in the interview segment because of the sound quality unfortunately.

    • Yep. Sorry about that. I was on a phone in Atlanta during a storm.

      It has been more of a challenge to put together episodes over the holidays given that both Andrew and I have been travelling. We are doing our best.

      Thanks very much for the time stamps!

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