Getting Paid

My new video series at Tournament Poker Edge is called Getting Paid, and it’s about getting money into the pot when you have the best hand. The first video in this five-part series, which was just released, is about identifying specific hands in your opponent’s range from which you’ll try to get maximum value. You may have seen me write on this subject before, but the video goes into much greater detail, with far more examples and multiple opportunities to self-test your understanding of important concepts. Future videos will deal with concepts such as slowplaying, planning ahead, and building really big pots when you’re deep-stacked.

To watch the Getting Paid series, which will be rolling out over the remainder of the month, as well as my previous series on Hand Reading, sign up for Tournament Poker Edge today. By the way, TPE is a tournament training site, but at least 90% of the material in my first two series is just as applicable to cash game play!

Members viewing the first video in the series have given it a perfect 10/10 so far, by the way, so feel to contribute to that trend 😉