Final Table Bubble Strategy

I’ve got a new video series going up on Tournament Poker Edge which deals with strategy for playing the final table bubble. It will be a three-part series, with one part dedicated to each of big-, medium-, and short-stacked play. Check it out, and if you’re not already a member, you can sign up now for just $29.95 and no commitment. That gives you access to all of my videos and hundreds more.

3 thoughts on “Final Table Bubble Strategy

  1. I signed up for TPE for your vids. Been anticipating this. However I feel that their lack of mixed games, particularly OMAHA is discouraging. Can you talk to the guys there? Right now they have just one PLO series and it is theory. They all agree but no action is taken.
    Thanks Keone

  2. I highly highly recommend this series. I have seen Andrew’s stuff before and learned a lot, but I am super excited for this one after seeing the first vid. This thing plays more like a poker book than your typical theory video.

  3. +1 to loxxii l. Also worth checking out the preceding series by Andrew and the other pros are good too

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