Episode 48: Happy Anniversary!

After some brief reminiscences, Nate and Andrew dive into a strategy-rich show. Even if you’ve never heard of Courchevel before, you’ll want to hear what it can teach you about poker in general. If it piques your interest, you can read more Courchevel strategy from Alex Weldon.


0:30 – Hello, welcome, and happy anniversary
12:38 – A weird hand Nate played
28:40 – What Courchevel can teach us about the value of concealed hands
48:33 – Mailbag: What is a good table?
58:27 – Strategy: How to stack Aces


$2/$5 NLHE, effective stacks $2000

Several limps, Villain raises to $35, Hero calls 7d 7h on the button, folds to UTG who raises to $135, folds to Hero who calls

Flop ($320) T98. Villain bets $200, Hero calls.
Turn ($720) J. Villain bets $400. Hero?

17 thoughts on “Episode 48: Happy Anniversary!

  1. “beneath PokerStars” pretty much sums that up. PR fail.

    Courchevel discussion was very interesting. More weird games/formats!

        • Ouch! If Villian had aces or kings – might he check-call or check-fold the river? What percentage of hands in hero’s range would he really be getting value from?

        • If only we could have saved results and had a follow-up discussion of the river action, seeing as turn+river action here is crucial when stacks are this deep. 🙂

          I thought it was dubious that hero was assigning villain such a specific range of AA/KK without considering QQ-TT. Even if we discount QQ and further discount JJ and TT, turn and river action could change that. What we think we know about villain’s pf range can and must change in extremely deep spots like this. Would love to know what the river bet was. Nate made a passing comment about how in a live game he might be able to fold the river if villain bet, and while there was no follow-up discussion, it was a very good point that may have led to more good discussion.

          • Agreed. Would also like to see the bet sizing of Villian on the river. Sounds like the bet sizing was perfect lol.

          • [forgot the second half of one of my sentences…]

            What we think we know about villain’s pf range can and must change in extremely deep spots like this when villain’s turn/river line differs from what we would normally expect. When the turn bet doubled from the flop bet to $400, I became very skeptical that we were still up against AA, and if the river bet increased beyond $400 (ie I didn’t perceive it as villain attempting to make a blocker bet), I would be inclined to fold.

  2. Congrats and great work so far guys, big achievement. I can honestly say that the podcast has a big impact on me weekly and I definitely notice the weeks I dont get to listen to it while commuting every day. It was also one of the highlights of my boring summer job and helped get me through a pretty boring shift. So big thanks to both of you (and the video editors/guests/guest hosts

  3. I knew the name Alex Weldon, and after a bit of digging it turned out that *shock* it wasn’t through 2+2, but rather the collaborative Go wiki, sensei’s library.

    I was intrigued by Nate’s comment that he has less love for pokerstars than Andrew. Whilst I think that their general corporate values have been a rare light in a dark online world, they have ridden and encouraged the rise of mass multi-tabling which I think is a pretty dubious development in the online poker world.

    Thank-you for a great year, and here’s to the next one.

  4. I’ve never understood the practicalities of opposing mass multi-tabling.

    People can play on multiple sites, right? So, if Stars didn’t allow a lot of tables wouldn’t the players just spread their action among sites and we’d end up with the same big picture result?

    • You don’t have to have an answer to see something as bad, but I would suggest that the question is reversed: what are the practicalities of mass multitabling? You need a good hud. Without one, it would be much harder to play loads of tables.

      The amazing profitability of online poker in the good old days was inevitably going to be a temporary phenomenon, so maybe it’s pointless to worry about the speed of the race to the bottom.

  5. regarding “multi-tabling” and whom to favor within the online player world: In my opinion the online sites are using the wrong business model.

    If online is to survive, and its a very dubious “maybe” now (IMO), you might see drastic changes as to how the sites get paid and/or rakeback programs.

    For any of you that are not aware, there is some seriously ‘good’ software out from PokerSnowie that is so controversial TwoPlusTwo banned any discussion of it for several weeks (even while other training sites were discussing it heavily)


  6. Honored to be a frequent guest of the show and to be counted as a friend of Andrew and Nate.

    I actually think Andrew is slightly younger than me but I look at him as a mentor in poker and as a role model in life in general. I like his approach to both. His opening comment actually made the thought of moving to the northeast cross my mind.

    Nate is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I credit him and Ed Miller for inspiring me to learn more about veganism. One of the most underrated features of this show is Nate’s laugh. It is contagious and cracks me up every time. You can actually hear the smile on his face.

    Here’s to the next 12 months fellas.

    • I have to agree about Nate’s laugh. Always makes me smile.

      And I consider myself lucky to be able to say I have met Loxxii in person, and his smile equals Nate’s laugh. Very contagious.

  7. Hey, just discovered this podcast a month ago and it is now one of my favorites. I think you guys should have a weekly visit with Carlos (“ten minutes with lox”?)…anyway, he’s great. I dunno if it’s taboo to talk about poker and taxes but would love to hear in year number two a guest talk about this matter(maybe you have already, I’m catching up on past content). Specifically for those of us grinding out a profit on merge sites it would be quite useful: I’ve searched the web and haven’t discovered any lucid discussion of this matter. Keep on keepin’ on.

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