Be a Part of Online Poker History!

Before there was PokerStars or Planet Poker or any kind of online poker as know it today, there was the World Rec.Gambling.Poker Tournament, still played to this day by email over the course of several months. Registration for this year’s tournament is now open at There’s no money to be won, but I played for the first time last year, and I can attest that it is great fun!

6 thoughts on “Be a Part of Online Poker History!

  1. I may have missed it in the podcasts, but did you ever reveal where you finished last year?

    This seems like a great way for Thinking Poker nation to get a round of cards in together. Kind of like the old Brokos home games on Pokerstars, back when…. sniff. whaaaah

  2. I like it, very old school. Heck even just to think back to newsgroups! Andrew you playing under an anonymous UN (Didn’t see your name or Foucault)?

    • They request that people play under their real names, and I did last year, but virtually no one else did, so this year I’m ThinkingPoker!

      • Ah! I looked for you on there… Only found a Nate Meyvis, but this explains the missing AB. I signed up under my real name. Looking forward to it!

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