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Just wanted to let you know about some recently published stuff you might be interested in:

WSOP 2013 Trip Report, Part 4: The Main Event – Unfortunately this is a lot shorter than it’s been in past years, but I did get to play a pretty famous player: “Usually, tough players make it clear that they are going to put pressure on you constantly.That’s not how Doyle played. In fact, I can’t tell you what exactly he was doing, but it was working. In the first couple of hours, he shot up from his starting 30K to over 50K without winning any particularly large pots. He never projected the image of a bully who was pushing too hard, but he raked in a lot of medium-sized pots without showing his cards, which is pretty much the hallmark of a good player.”

Holding Your Own – On that note, here are some thoughts on playing with players who are better than you: “If you play poker for challenge and entertainment, then maybe you welcome the chance to test your mettle against top-caliber opposition. One of the cool things about poker is that anyone can find himself playing with a legend of the game, and matching wits with one of your idols can be an awesome experience. Still, you might as well give yourself every advantage you can in the confrontation to come.”

Small Stakes Tournament Player’s Guide to the WSOP, Part 2 – You may not be bankrolled for the Main Event, but you can still have a great WSOP summer on a small bankroll and a tight budget. Carlos Welch tells you how: “Last month, I suggested tips for setting up your stay in Vegas in part 1 of this guide. This month, I will recommend particular games, locations, times, and opponents to play against. If you follow these guidelines, you should have a good chance of leaving Vegas with more money than you brought.”

WCOOP Heads Up Hand History Review, Part 6 – This is an addendum to a Tournament Poker Edge series from last year’s WCOOP. I played an interesting match in this year’s $200 heads up event that was worthy of inclusion. If you’re not already a member of TPE, you can sign up here.

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