Episode 59: Borgata Trip Report with Carlos Welch and Sean Lango

Andrew, Carlos, and Sean share stories from their recent trip to Atlantic City. There’s plenty of strategy, from small-stakes cash game hands to big decisions in a six-handed bounty tournament and the $2700 Fall Poker Open Main Event. Plus the Nitcast Meetup, Andrew and Carlos are mistaken for bank robbers, Sean and Andrew engage in high-level psychological warfare, and Carlos sets a new standard for nittiness.


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17 Responses to “Episode 59: Borgata Trip Report with Carlos Welch and Sean Lango”

  • mike says:

    Good thing I didn’t have Andrew’s full attention when asking about ICM chop, couldn’t make a deal:)
    Anyone going back to Borgata next month?

    • Carlos says:

      Oh hell naw, lol. I cant imagine how cold it’s gonna be up there in January. I hope to spend some time in that again in the warmer months, but nothing is planned. I hope to be up north one day when Andrew has a debate competition to go to. I really want to see those kids in action. Also, I want to try out the NJ online poker rooms. If the Borgata has any events right before or right after the WSOP, I may come back up.

      • Sean L. says:

        There is a borgata series in June, so depending on how much WSOP you planned on going to, that’s an option.

        • Carlos says:

          I had such a blast in Vegas last time that I hope to do the whole summer again. I may get back up north in May or mid July thru the end of September. Everything depends on how much success I have in cash games and where my roll is in 6 months.

  • Carlos says:

    So the legend is that Mike and Joe both attended the Thinking Poker Meetup and they both shipped live tourneys shortly after. I guess this means that after Andrew wins the WSOP main event, I will at least get my first 5 figure score. Hell, I’d take a $9999 actually.

  • piefarmer says:

    So, Carlos can be quite stoic at the tables, but did he hold it together when he realized he almost hit a $50k bad beat jackpot in Pittsburgh?

    • foucault says:

      Seemed that way to me, though apparently he was steaming on the inside.

      • Carlos says:

        I didn’t even realize it until they mentioned it. I was smh at what could have been, but I wouldn’t say I way steaming. Now, had I hit it I would have been super ciots…or whatever the opposite of stoic is.

        Walls would have been punched, chest would have been pounded, and push ups would have been done.

  • Ben says:

    Very enjoyable podcast – I like the ‘shoot the shit’ format every now and then. What are the prospects of uploading a .jpeg of that photo of Andrew as a one year old dressed up like a clown? ONE TIME

  • Ian says:

    The Wire’s pretty good, but it’s no Mad Men.


  • Pat Barnes says:

    This episode is tied for my favorite. Usually I tune out on the strategy part and only listen to the personal interview stories but I didn’t want to miss anything. Thanks to Carlos I made it into the podcast. I just found those random photos but Carlos gravitated to the clown and the wizard. It was a fun night sitting around talking with you two.

    As for the ladies missing Nate, I haven’t met him but if he’s half as charming as Carlos I’d like to meet him too. Maybe at a debate tournament/ nit meetup.

    Thanks for a great time and a great podcast!

    • Carlos says:

      Smiling hard down in Georgia.

      Maybe one day Andrew will get to see the pic of me as a relatively new born with the bunched up bicep fat that I am convinced was actually innate muscular development. Or the one from rec league basketball in the early 90s when the shorts were essentially boxers and my legs were as white as his because I forgot to put on lotion.

      Im in for the debate meetup. You’ll enjoy meeting Nate because he is, in fact, exactly half as charming as me, j/k. I seriously envy his laugh. It cracks me up every time even if I didn’t hear what he was laughing about. Andrew was impressed by me using Walmart bags at Aldi’s but I am impressed by Nate staying in an hourly motel. I’ve never even seen one of those. Until I find a way to top that, he’s the Chairman of the Nitty Committee.

  • Duggs says:

    Sorry a little behind on episodes over the holidays, Carlos do you remember roughly what the board was in the straight v straight hand? Eating me up on the inside not knowing, also what was the purpose of your raise?

    Andrew you said that the more money we put into the pot the stronger out range has to be, but doesn’t the optimal bluffing freq also increase?

    Great show as always

    • Carlos says:

      I don’t remember the board but I think we both got there on the turn. The river put a 3 flush on the board and the purpose of my raise was to blow him off of a chop by representing the flush.