No Podcast This Week

Sorry gang but Nate and I are taking our Christmas break a little early. We plan to have new episodes out each Monday for the rest of the month, but there won’t be one tonight. If you’re really jonesing for the show, consider listening (or re-listening) to one of my personal favorites.

Happy holidays!


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4 Responses to “No Podcast This Week”

  • piefarmer says:

    Well Hell, at least repost the link to where folks can vote for you!

    Who’s responsible for marketing this dog show?

  • Daniel Gundersrud says:

    Well you guys enjoy the week off, and an advent week of relaxation. We will wait patiently.

  • which says:

    if this was 2+2 forum, could you imagine the response to a blog item:

    Hey, no podcast this week, but to vote for us as “bluff best podcast” please visit this link?

    hey, wait, that is exactly why am here…..


  • Urszula says:

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