Mailbag: Looking at the Clock

Q: I was BB ($600) and held KhKc. UTG+1 LAG ($500) limps CO limps Button (<$100) limps SB limps and I raise to $10. Perhaps on the small side since the table was loosening up with the end near but I can typically play post flop well. UTG+1 calls CO calls Button calls SB calls … Read moreMailbag: Looking at the Clock

Episode 69: Bluffing with Carlos Welch

Carlos Welch fills in for Nate this week and is remarkably open about his recent setbacks, including the challenges of playing underrolled, finding a good backing deal, and balancing live vs online play. In an extra-long strategy segment, he and Andrew discuss bluffing in small stakes games, taking examples from Carlos’ recent play as well … Read moreEpisode 69: Bluffing with Carlos Welch

Three Rivers Poker Challenge Day Two

Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday and especially to those who were following along on Twitter. That always makes a live run more fun. Despite starting the day with a below average stack, I made the final table and finished 7th for $6417. It was a bit of a grind, as I spent most … Read moreThree Rivers Poker Challenge Day Two

Mailbag: Getting Away From Hands

Q: I have a recurring situation that is driving me crazy.¬†You speak to it around the edges quite a bit in the blog, I’d be interested in hearing your direct take. I win many small pots in a session then lose a big pot that I should have been able to get away from. Recent … Read moreMailbag: Getting Away From Hands

Thinking Poker Coaching is Better Than Ever

I’ve revamped my most popular coaching programs to be better than ever for 2014! (Yes, I realize we’re pretty well into 2014, but I had a bit of a backlog to clear before taking on new students.) Both the Crushing Live Cash Games and Dominate Donkaments programs are designed to give you maximum bang for … Read moreThinking Poker Coaching is Better Than Ever

Episode 68: Mike McDonald

Mike freakin’ McDonald is on the show this week, talking about his meteoric rise to the top of the poker world, his unconventional views on the desirability of online gambling, his “retirement”, reg-filled rake fests, the Bank of Timex, the influence of staking on the modern tournament scene, and why he still plays both $10 … Read moreEpisode 68: Mike McDonald