Episode 73: Matthew Hunt

Matthew “theginger45” Hunt is one of the newest video producers at Tournament Poker Edge. After several years of traveling and living abroad, he’s returned to his native England to focus on poker and writing. He talks to us about why he gave up his nomadic life for poker, how he’s using poker to support his … Read moreEpisode 73: Matthew Hunt

What’s Your Play? Over-Limp-Back-Raised

Sitting in a nitty, ten-handed $2/$5 game that isn’t even really worth playing but I’m out of the tournament and waiting for the $5/$10 to start so what else is there to do but collect hands to discuss with the good people of Thinking Poker Nation? Villain ($725) is a very young guy, probably like … Read moreWhat’s Your Play? Over-Limp-Back-Raised