Episode 77: Kristy Arnett

Kristy Arnett recently announced that she is stepping down from her long-time role as a producer, host, and writer for PokerNews. We talk to her about her career as well as her goals for the future, which include playing more poker, writing, and fitnessing. You can read and see more of Kristy on Twitter, her … Read moreEpisode 77: Kristy Arnett

Bad Beat Post

To supplement yesterday’s So Tilting moment, another sort of “bad beat” that irks me is when you make a good play that’s going to work against your primary target and then it turns out someone who will generally be a non-factor in the hand caught some unlikely hand and jacks up your plans. Example from … Read moreBad Beat Post

Alchemy or Fool’s Gold?

I’ve got a new article on Learn.PokerNews that addresses one of my (many) pet peeves, the idea that satellites are a good choice for players with limited bankrolls: Winning $480 in a satellite doesn’t magically make it a good idea for you to buy into a $480 tournament any more than winning $480 in any … Read moreAlchemy or Fool’s Gold?

Episode 76: “Doctor” Pauly McGuire

You might know Pauly Maguire from his Tao of Poker blog. Or his Tao of Pauly blog. Or the Dope Stories podcast that he co-hosts with Shane Schleger (our interviews with Shane here and here). Or from his book Lost Vegas. He joins us on the show to talk about Dope Stories, Las Vegas, strip clubs, … Read moreEpisode 76: “Doctor” Pauly McGuire

What’s Your Play? Jacks in Multiway Pot Results

Thanks for all the comments on this week’s What’s Your Play?, and sorry for the lack of response on my end; it proved to be an unexpectedly hectic week. Important Points About Multiway Pots I want to start by making two observations about multi-way pots: 1. It is not necessarily exploitable to fold a large … Read moreWhat’s Your Play? Jacks in Multiway Pot Results

Episode 75: Sam Grafton

Sam Grafton’s post-graduate studies in critical theory make him the first guest capable of schooling Andrew on Foucault. We talk about staking and swapping, the importance of social capital to success in poker, the blurred line between poker and gambling, the extent to which the poker world operates independently of traditional government and economic institutions, … Read moreEpisode 75: Sam Grafton