LOL Liveaments

The WSOP is right around the corner, so bone up on your live tournament skills with my new Tournament Poker Edge series, LOL Liveaments. It’s a review of key hands from a $1000 tournament that I final tabled at my local casino. Although I’m not the world’s biggest expert on live poker, I’ve been playing a lot in the last two years and really focusing on “live-specific” skills like picking up on tells and taking advantage of the kinds of mistakes that you see more commonly from live than online players. This series aims to share with you a lot of the things that I’ve learned in that time.

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Looking for more WSOP prep? Look no further than the Thinking Poker Premium podcasts, where you can hear Nate (a far more experienced live player) and I discuss tournament strategy generally and the WSOP specifically.

See you in Vegas! (details on that coming soon)

1 thought on “LOL Liveaments

  1. OK Ill be there from the 1/1 to 1/6. Wanted to be there earlier since Binions is having some great Omaha MTTs for around the $200 range. And I love the old atmosphere. But my family wont let me go then. Ill be lurking the hallways of the Rio so stop me and lets get some Java.
    If AB and NM are definitely playing in the ME Id consider coming back just to meet up.

    PS I stopped my TPE subscription cause they have a lack of PLO material. If they ever do build up their library Id consider coming back.

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