Episode 95: Ryan Laplante

Andrew gives us an update from Montreal, where he is grinding theWorld Championship of Online Poker on PokerStars. He is then joined by Nate and guest Ryan Laplante to talk about backing, turbo variance, grinding at a high volume, and more.

12 thoughts on “Episode 95: Ryan Laplante

  1. Really enjoyed this one.
    Ryan – thanks for being open about all your ups and downs in the poker world and giving insight into how staking works.

  2. I enjoyed the discussion of win rate vs. variance. In the investing word, the Sharp ratio is one way to measure this (units of return per unit of risk). The highest return (hourly rate) investments are not always optimal, as they carry too much risk/variance.

  3. FYI modern iPhones and Android devices allow you to use your phone as a “myfi” device, no need to purchase a separate device with its own data plan.

    • To be fair I haven’t tried in a few years but when I first started coming to Canada I wasn’t able to do that with a US cell phone.

      • Depends on carrier. Just call your carrier or look it up online. Some work automatically. Others require a new SIM card when you travel outside the US. Canad should be straightforward.

  4. Thanks guys – great episode, really enjoyed Ryan’s insights into staking, managing risk and everything else too. Keep finding those great inexpensive global food options 🙂

  5. Very nice interview with Ryan guys. He really sounds like he has his head on straight. Many times, you guys will fire off a question, and the interviewee answers, but you can hear ego protection; a vague but discernible filtration in the response. “I’ll share this much, but no more, or not in this way, as I have some non-zero concern with how I am coming across”.

    I didn’t get that with Ryan. Good or bad, he had no problem laying it out. After any interview, the listener is hopefully left with some new data, but also an emotional state. With this interview, that state for me was positive and informed. I liked it.

  6. Great interview, really enjoyed it!

    When I first started playing a few years back I would watch Andrew’s vids on PS+ and talk a little bit with Ryan via Skype, iirc (I was going to get coaching from Ryan but it never panned out, not sure why).

    I have followed both of you since, so I was made up when I found out Ryan was on the show!

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