Live MTT Hand History Review

My latest series of poker tournament training videos is now appearing on Tournament Poker Edge. This review of some key hands from a $2000 main event at Maryland Live is a rare chance to see a training video focused on a live multi-table tournament, and to see me butt heads with the likes of Christian Harder and Brian Hastings.

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1 thought on “Live MTT Hand History Review

  1. Thank you for the new series. Do you reconstruct the hand histories from memory? Do you take notes at the table? One of the few useful bits I have gleaned from Jonathan Little is the strategic use of notebook and pen at the table. As I am sure many of your followers have experienced, I have often sat down to write a journal entry after a session, only to forget (or worse, to remember imperfectly) the essential elements of a particular hand. I am very interested in how your live Pokertracker functions.

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