The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume 1

I’m excited to announce, to those who missed the news on Twitter and the podcast, that I’ve finally published a book! It’s based on my 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event, and it’s actually the first in a series of e-books compiling updated and revised versions of my most popular trips reports with commentary on strategy topics that arise during the reports. So basically, you get the entertainment of a report from a major poker tournament supplemented by strategy essays that will help you improve your game while you’re reading.

For just $2.99, you can purchase The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume 1 directly from me (you’ll get an EPUB, a PDF, and a Kindle file) or from Amazon (Kindle file only).

There’s a substantial preview available on Amazon, but for a better idea of what to expect, here’s the Table of Contents:

How I Became A Poker Player
Introduction to the WSOP
Day One
Three-Betting Light
Day Two
The Bubble
Day Three
Playing a Short Stack
Day Four
More Stories! More Strategy! More Poker!

For those who do read it, please star & review on Amazon and recommend to your friends. I deliberately made the book very inexpensive because I’m more interested in reaching a wide audience than in maximizing my profit.

I’d also be very appreciate for any constructive criticism, as I plan to do a lot more of these and would love to see them improve with each volume.



14 thoughts on “The Thinking Poker Diaries, Volume 1

  1. Sometimes, you can both reach a wide audience and maximize your profits.

    I look forward to reading this and future versions.

    May you have much success.

  2. Hey guys thanks for all your help in downloading to my devices. I was able to manage to download it to my nook as well. All is good. Mucho success with this.

  3. Love the podcast, and I just bought the book to support the great content you’ve already put out. I’m sure the book will be great too. Keep it up Andrew.

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