Podcast Guests Have Great Success

The World Poker Tour has been kind to our podcast guests this week. Faraz Jaka won the WPT South Africa High Roller over one million rand (about $100,000), and Ryan van Sanford won the Bounty Scramble in Jacksonville for $421,068 (plus some bounties, presumably)! Ryan’s achievement is even more impressive when you learn that he’d been twenty-one for just three days. Way to go guys!

4 thoughts on “Podcast Guests Have Great Success

  1. I was grinning all night when I heard the news about Ryan. I’ve done hand history reviews and had discussions with him over Skype so I know the kind of work he has put into his game. It’s amazing to see him grow as a player.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout!Wish I had been listening to the podcast lately, been so lazy about it. Its so good that I procrastinate listening because I can never find just the perfect time

    • Why would you risk changing anything about your routine right now? Clearly you are synced up with the universe in some sort of very special way.

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