Episode 110: The Computer Poker Research Group Solves HULHE!

Dr. Michael Bowling and PhD candidate Mike Johanson from the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group, who first appeared on Episode 79 of the podcast, return to discuss Cepheus, their “essentially” unexploitable heads up limit hold ’em AI and its implications for both poker and artificial intelligence. Plus Nate and Andrew discuss playing top pair on a draw-heavy board.


:30 Hello & Welcome
16:42 Strategy
44:24 Interview: Computer Poker Research Group

6 thoughts on “Episode 110: The Computer Poker Research Group Solves HULHE!

  1. Near the end of the interview, were they saying they could beat many pros at HU NLHE, or LHE? I assume they were talking about NL but it wasn’t clear.

    • Talking about NL. They’re claiming they Cepheus can beat (or at least not lose to) anyone in the world at HU LHE.

  2. Imagine my confusion when I started listening to the strategy segment on my way into town, then picked it up again on my way out 8 hours later, tired and confused. 490 in the pot? Villain bets 370? What cash game is this? Who submitted the hand?

    It wasn’t until the river that I finally remembered this was in Peso’s.

    Had to share. Thanks guys. Its a pleasure listening to you.

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