Episode 121: Joe Giron

Joe Giron has been photographing the World Series of Poker and other major poker events for nearly ten years, and in that time he’s learned a lot about poker and the people who play it. Before that, he worked as a newspaper photojournalist and a music photographer. We talk to him about the art of photography, his unique perspective on the poker world, his experiences with some of the world’s biggest rock musicians, and how technology is changing his industry.

You can follow Joe on @joegironphoto. You can (and, if you’re a music fan, definitely should) check out his gallery of both poker and music photography.


0:30 hello
16:04 baltimore red
37:30 joe giron


This hand stack sizes are 42k for her and 58k for me. Blinds are 250-500 ante 50

8 way play

Hero is on the button with 10s10h. UTG folds. Villain raises to 1500, folds to Hero, Hero 3 bets to 3700, villain calls.

Flop AsKc7d

she checks, hero c-bets 4500, she calls

turn Kh

she checks, hero checks behind

river 3h

she checks, hero bet $9000…

5 thoughts on “Episode 121: Joe Giron

  1. Love the podcast, gentlemen. One of your anonymous listeners (until now, at least).

    Just wondering: Did Villain call Baltimore Red’s bet? Or did she raise?

  2. If you’d have discussed that hand a couple of months ago, I’d have used my solver to find a GTO solution like I did for a couple of previous hands. However, my friend Piotr has released Piosolver, which runs significantly faster than my code, and has a nice interface, so anyone can generate their own GTO solutions quite easily now. I’d recommend that instead.

  3. Being sort of a newbie in the game i found it kind of hard to comprehend your hand strategies but after reading some of annie duke John voorhous “Decide to play Real poker” which is not an easy read for beginners, your hand strategies became somewhat more simplistic to me .

  4. Like this episode a lot. Seemed like a well balanced individual and professional. Enjoyed hearing about his route to success. Good luck to you Joe.

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