Episode 139: Neil Blumenfield

Neil Blumenfield is third in chips at the final table of the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event. At 61, he is also the second-oldest player ever to final table this event (the oldest, Pierre Neuville, will be competing against him this year).

Neil talks to us about this dubious honor as well as the other challenges facing him as an amateur, albeit a serious and accomplished one, among professionals.

You can root for Neil in November when ESPN airs the final table of the WSOP Main Event. If you’re in San Francisco, check out his girlfriend’s store.

Our strategy hand comes to us from the author of A Main Event Rookie Lives the Dream.


:30 – hello and welcome
12:40 – strat
54:30 – interview


Blinds 2000/4000/300. UTG2 (80K) limps. Hero has JJ in the HJ and raises to 12,000. BB calls and the limper folds.

Flop (34.5K in pot) Q-6-8r. BB checks, Hero bets 20K, BB calls.

Turn (75K in pot) Q86Jr. BB checks, Hero bets 65K, BB calls.

River (205K)  Q-6-8-J-10. BB shoves 70K.

8 thoughts on “Episode 139: Neil Blumenfield

  1. Not listened to the episode, but did read much of the thread for ‘a main event rookie lives the dream’. He would be an interesting future guest on the podcast, for sure.

    Reading the (interesting) thread has the additional bonus of a couple of classy 2010 posts from Nate ‘Fisherman’s hat’ Meyvis.

    All my best 😉


  2. I was rooting for Pierre, but I now hereby pledge my allegiance to Neil. Take it down for the good guys!

    I hope you beat Pierre heads up.

  3. Sounds like a great guy, he’s got a fan here.

    Nate, congrats on getting to play more poker! Your enthusiasm for the game is always energizing. And I think listeners always like hearing about you guys.

  4. Not heard it yet – but At “61, he is also the second-oldest player ever to final table this event (the oldest, Pierre Neuville, will be competing against him this year).” – “ever” should be corrected to “in the modern era” or “November 9 era” or whatever you want to say. Johnny Moss (b 1907) beats him just off the top of my head and there may be more – although it’s true there were fewer players in those days.

  5. Yet another great Podcast. After hearing Neil, will be behind him come November. Also a congrats to Nate and will be interested in hearing about your progress! Nate, if in Michigan take a look at the Mid-States Poker Tour, it will be at Firekeepers in Battle Creek 10-10 thru 10-18. Good Luck!

  6. Many thanks, Salty and John.

    I heartily agree that Neil was a great guest. He combines much of what I like best about startup people and about poker people.

  7. You guys discussed a book that one of you were reading that was outstanding. It was during this episode. I think the book was published fairly recently, but can’t remember the name or author. Any recollection of this? Thanks in advance,

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