Episode 146: Assani Fisher

Assani Fisher is a poker pro turned Daily Fantasy Sports player. He talks about his career in poker, his transition to DFS, and some of the recent news and controversies surrounding that industry. He also discusses his unique comedic contributions to the Two Plus Two forums, including The Boiling Oats Runner and A 101 Man … Read moreEpisode 146: Assani Fisher

GTORB Analysis of My River Check-Raise

For those of you who aren’t sick of this hand yet, here’s a video I made analyzing my river check-raise, discussed on Episodes 143 and 144 of the podcast, with GTO Range Builder. This is free because the production value is a little lacking. I was doing this analysis mostly for myself, and I figured … Read moreGTORB Analysis of My River Check-Raise

Episode 145: Clayton Fletcher Runs Deep

Clayton Fletcher, who first appeared on Episode 74, is back to discuss his 96th place finish in the 2015 WSOP Main Event. Hear how he celebrated, how he dealt with a sudden reversal of fortune, and how his other career in stand-up comedy helps him withstand the challenges of a multi-day poker tournament. Follow Clayton … Read moreEpisode 145: Clayton Fletcher Runs Deep

Just Released! The Thinking Poker Diaries Volume 6

My sixth e-book tells the story of my 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event, in which I finished 53rd. Like the other volumes, it features an entertaining trip report from the tournament interspersed with essays discussing strategic concepts that play an important role in each day’s success. Pick up your copy today at www.nitcast.com … Read moreJust Released! The Thinking Poker Diaries Volume 6

Episode 144: Sam Grafton in the Shark Cage

Sam Grafton, who previously joined us on Episode 75, is back to talk about the unique format of Shark Cage, why he skipped the WSOP, why he moved to Prague, and why he has trouble reading literature during WCOOP. We also found time to discuss Salinger, Casino, and some of Scorsese’s lesser-known works. Sam’s first appearance … Read moreEpisode 144: Sam Grafton in the Shark Cage

Mailbag: Suited Gappers

Q: Is there anyway to quantify the difference in value between a 2-gapper (4-7) and connector (4-5)? I understand a 2-gapper can only make a straight two ways and a connector can make it four ways … do you just cut the various probabilities in half? Personally I don’t feel like I have a very … Read moreMailbag: Suited Gappers

Hand of the Week: Big Slick on the Turn

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Hand of the Week so far. The comments from the pre-flop discussion that I found most interesting were from dullgeek and others who struggled with the problem of how to put money in good once there’s an Ace or King on the board. This is a central dilemma … Read moreHand of the Week: Big Slick on the Turn

Episode 143: Le WCOOP

Andrew is in Montreal for the second half of the WCOOP, and he and Nate discuss some hands. Strategy Hand 1 2-4 PLO8 on Bovada. 4-handed. I open to $12 with (AT)J7–I’m using Bill Chen’s notation where suited cards go in parentheses. Only the BB calls. He’s playing $200ish, and I cover. Flop KQ8 rainbow. … Read moreEpisode 143: Le WCOOP