Episode 154: Martin Harris

Poker journalist and blogger Martin Harris, alternately (better?) known as Short-Stacked Shamus, was one of our very first guests. Now, 150 episodes later, he’s back to discuss poker’s evolving place in American culture. Also, horses.

In the strategy segment, we discuss common mistakes and misunderstandings about short-stacked play.

If you missed any of the recent interviews we discuss with Martin, you can catch up on Brian Koppelman and Brad Willis.


0:30 – Hello & Welcome
8:57 – Strategy: The 20-40BB Stack
37:45 – Martin Harris

2 thoughts on “Episode 154: Martin Harris

  1. Andrew: How often does that train cone by?
    Nate: Uh, about once every 15 mintes.
    Everybody listening to the third train < 15 min. later: Uh, I'll take the under.

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