Unlock Poker Strategy Videos, Win Free Poker Training!

As reported on last week’s podcast, I’m part of an end-of-the-year fundraising drive for the Bay Area Urban Debate League, a non-profit organization I’m deeply involved with here in the Bay Area. Debating in high school and college changed my life, and in the 15 years that I’ve been involved with the urban debate movement, I’ve seen it change the lives of hundreds of kids for disadvantaged backgrounds. If you enjoy listening to me talk about poker on the Thinking Poker Podcast or in my strategy videos, well, debate is the reason I can think as critically and analyze things as clearly as I can. Please help me extend this opportunity to young people who stand to benefit tremendously from it – you’ll get access to lots of great poker content in the process!

For every $500 raised, I’m releasing a poker strategy video that’s at least an hour long (and knowing me, they’ll be longer – blame debate again for my motormouth!). Plus, every person who donates at least $10 will be entered in a drawing to win great prizes like a free custom video, a free month at Tournament Poker Edge, a free item from Nitcast.com, and more!

We’re over $1500 already, and I’m working to get these videos out as quickly as I can. The first one, where I basically berate Gareth Chantler for 90 minutes about his play in an Ante Up event, is available now!

7 thoughts on “Unlock Poker Strategy Videos, Win Free Poker Training!

  1. I am an amateur player, who only occasionally play with friends. Nevertheless, I am happy to donate something as a reward form the many hours of quality content. Keep up the good work!

    • Good question. There’s an address for mailing a check or an option to pay by Paypal (including with a credit card or direct debit from a bank accout) at http://www.baudl.org/Pages/Donate.aspx. If you’re not comfortable with those options either, you could also transfer the money to me and I could pass it along to BAUDL, though in that case you might have difficulty claiming the income tax donation (though I could ask about getting you a receipt).

      Thanks for your interest in donating!

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