Episode 175: Christian Soto

Christian Soto is a professional poker player and a video producer at Red Chip Poker. He is the co-author, with Doug Hull and James Sweeney, of Late Position. Learn how, with the help of Matt Berkey, the “Big Papi of Poker” went from selling phones at MetroPCS to reading souls in Atlantic City. This episode also features a cameo appearance by Chris Moon and a strategy hand from a $5/$10 game at the Bellagio.


0:30 hello and welcome
5:45 strategy
46:24 christian


$5/10 at Bellagio

UTG+1 raised to $15 (sic). I was hijack $800 stack holding AcQs. I called. Cutoff $2500 stack called. Button $1500 stack called. Small blind folded. Big blind $7000 stack called.

4 callers $75 pot

Checked to me, I bet $50. Villain called. Big blind called. Original raiser folded.

$225 pot

Turn: 7x
big blind checked, I bet $150, villain called and big blind folded.

$525 pot

River Tx:
I checked. Villain shoved.

2 thoughts on “Episode 175: Christian Soto

  1. About lessons running over … the thing I find teaching English as a foreign language is that the students are fine with finishing on time if they know there is another lesson about to start after them. If necessary one can give that impression when it isn’t true ….

    But generally, like the poker coaches, I don’t mind running over a bit.

  2. Great podcast and learning more about your background Christian. It was awesome
    getting to know all 3 of you this past week at the training. Thanks for the shout out and best of luck at the tables!

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