Episode 179: Andrew at the WSOP

The WSOP is obviously a busy time, so we just recorded a quick conversation this week, covering some general stuff about the World Series of Poker and a few of the first events/hands Andrew played. Please note that this was recorded before Nate arrived in Las Vegas, and before Andrew played with Chris Ferguson.

5 thoughts on “Episode 179: Andrew at the WSOP

  1. When playing with a rec+ player like the guy that plays 87s and checks his draw on the flop, should you consider the limit he may play outside wsop? Sounds like 50nl cash guy. If he is, then the way he played his hand would be a really common way for a rec guy to play in those games. I guess my real question is when do you make the decision to include factors outside of the current tournament into a read on a person at your table?

  2. AB, I don’t like the 44 check call on the river. No chance you are good 33% of the time facing a pot-sized river bet in that spot (despite you and Nate convincing yourselves otherwise).
    1. Rec players routinely wait until they hit their draws and then hope to get paid off (especially ones that limp in to see cheap flops). They rarely bluff, and when they occasionally do, it is seldom a pot-sized bet.
    2. The lower stakes winning players are also unbalanced in this spot as they typically value bet bigger and bluff smaller.
    3. Even the balanced players will show you a bluff only about 1/3 of the time, so your EV is zero whether you call or fold.

    Save your Hero calls for when the draws miss and/or you have reason to believe you are dealing with a bluffy player.
    GL and Run Good!

  3. Andrew this in regards to your 44 hand, I think you don’t have to beat yourself up on it.

    However, I did notice one thing in your demeanor in telling the story which I noticed players can get caught up in.

    As a listener, it felt like you, Andrew, were in the passenger seat of the hand, which can be a bad place to be in especially when trying to find a hero call. In previous podcasts, you have had a driver-seat approach to hands and it may translate to something along the lines of already being defeated before the story is over.

    Again, I don’t have a problem with the line.

    It just seemed out of character and I have noticed that WSOP players can play the passenger seat out of their own game.

    Especially, those fresh off of a plane, etc.

    Best of luck from a long time listener,


  4. There was mention about activity in the comments on this blog. I think it was more active before about podcast 150 when you had the backend software that would send an email when someone else commented on the same podcast and conversations would ping back and forward. Now one gets the feeling one is shouting into a void when one makes a comment. I don’t know what would be involved in getting that functionality back but it would be good.

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