Episode 181: Ian Simpson

Ian Simpson is a former (and future) teacher in the United Kingdom. His fourth place finish in the 2012 Paddy Power Irish Poker Open proved literally life-changing, not only because of the money but because it presented the opportunity to spend a year playing poker professionally. Success bred success, and that year has turned into four years, leaving Ian wondering whether and when he’ll return to the teaching career he still loves.

You can follow @IanSimpsonPoker on Twitter and read his blog.


0:30 hello and welcome
3:43 Ian Simpson

4 thoughts on “Episode 181: Ian Simpson

  1. I agree with the previous comment, and I enjoyed how Ian talked about Emma and school teachers as well. Nice discussion about science background and evidence-based practice for poker.

  2. This has been on my “To be listened to” list for ages. I’m glad I finally got round to tuning in. Ian seems like a great guy. I enjoyed the discussion.

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