Episode 190: The SEMI-Homeless Poker Player

Is Carlos Welch settling down? Not quite. He’s still got the van, but he’s also got himself a new routine in Las Vegas that involves more live poker than ever before! Join us as we catch up with all-time favorite guest Carlos Welch. Be sure to follow Carlos on Twitter and Twitch.


0:30 – hello and welcome
19:22 – donk bets with justin


Hero (covers) raises to 12 UTG with AcKc
folds to button ($230) calls
BB ($300) calls.

Flop ($33 after rake): 5x7c8c

BB: leads for $20, Hero calls, Button Folds.

Turn (~$70 after rake): Kh

BB leads for $35, Hero calls.

River: (~$145) 2d

BB leads for $75, Hero?

10 thoughts on “Episode 190: The SEMI-Homeless Poker Player

  1. Fun episode! I saw Carlos across the room at the Wynn on day 2 of the $600; I was going to say hi on break, but instead I bubbled and got right the fuck outta there.

    Theranos is a pretty high profile scam, so Carlos you might want to get a second opinion. See eg http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-05-18/elizabeth-holmes-admits-theranos-technolgy-fraud-restates-voids-years-test-results

    OMC = “old man coffee” i’m guessing, which is apparently a poker-only term that I just heard for the first time a couple weeks ago. It means what you think it means.

    Not folding the AKs on the river against an unknown on the 875K2 runout. In my experience, unknowns show up with 6x, a handful of missed flush draws, worse value hands (JJ-99 specifically because he puts you on 8x or whatever), and random garbage more than 25% of the time.

    • I knew the company was in trouble and that they stopped using the proprietary technology before I ever went there. Luckily for me, I didn’t buy stock and was one of the 94% who got tested by traditional methods, which they provided at a fifth of the traditional costs. Theranos WAS my second opinion. Common sense was the first. I paid them a few pennies on the dollar to tell me what I already knew. I’m a fat fuck who eats too many things that aren’t vegetables. And also, I’m too much of a introverted hermit to develop an STD.

      If you see me at the Wynn again, feel free to say hi on a break. I’ll be there every Friday and Saturday night when normal folks are out having fun and getting their STDs.

      • Nice, great job taking advantage of a scammer’s downfall to get blood analysis on the cheap. I went to the optometrist yesterday and she said I had the “best retinas she’d seen all day.” It was 3:30 so she’d probably seen a few by then. She attributed it to my “love of vegetables.” I didn’t tell her that, she just knew somehow.

        I might start grinding some cash at the Wynn when I return from Punta Cana. Turns out I’ve accrued 5-6 meals worth of poker room comp bux there.

    • Ha! Yeah, not my best episode. I think the Eggers rant probably had more F-bombs than this one, though. Not that I’m eager to count them up.

  2. Great podcast. I never know what to do when I get donked into either.

    I’ve heard the twoplustwoers use the expression “Old Man Coffee” before, but I don’t know how he’s different to a generic “Old Man”.

    Re: the big blind. Not posting out of turn just says he’s a bit of nit/normal person at heart rather than a gambler. I would say it’s obvious to most people that you are losing out by posting out of turn, so it doesn’t necessarily say much about his level of poker-specific experience – so he may be still be “recreational”, but a recreational player rather than a recreational gambler.

    When I get donked into in my microstakes games, the real piece of information I would really like to know is “Is this person aware of the concept of initiative at all?” – does he even know he’s donking and that you were likely to c-bet if he’d checked? If the answer is “no” then he can have a much wider range than just “weak top pair” – you can take it as a normal bet from a recreational player with everything that implies.

    BTW maybe I missed it, but was this a $1/$3 game? – I don’t think you actually mentioned it and I did wind back, but then I miss a lot even on second hearing 🙂

  3. OMC is for sure Old Man Coffee.
    There is a great hilarious thread on 2+2 that is called something like “field guide to live poker” and it gives great psychological descriptions of various player types we see at live poker.
    Hunt that thread down, its very entertaining.
    An Old Man Coffee was, for example, raised in a strict household, by a no nonsense Old-school father, so rules are rules and that’s why he plays in a predictable nitty way.

  4. I need to have 2 or 3 more Carlos’ as friends. This cat is beautiful and an inspiration. I just need to think of him and my faith in my humanity is restored. This goes for the TP duo as well. Thank you guys.

    • I read and hear stuff like this and I immediately think “Who are they talking about? That guy sounds awesome!”

      The more time I spend being the man my loved ones think I am, the better. In a way, we’re all just life coaching each other.

      Thank you to all yall (that’s right, all yall, yeah, i said it) for being inspired and inspiring in return.

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