Episode 199: Tim Bishop

Tim Bishop came to poker via the unconventional route of Motocross. We talk about how he got started in racing, why he got out, and how he’s dreaming of getting back in. Of course we also talk about his life as a professional, how his background in racing helps him, and what he still struggles with. Plus we’ve got a combination ethics/strategy question about accepting a freeroll in order to help another player chase a high hand jackpot!


0:30 – hello
6:55 – strategy
19:45 – tim b

5 thoughts on “Episode 199: Tim Bishop

  1. RE Ethics Question:
    Sometimes there are house rules that prevent players from colluding to win jackpots or high hands.

    It is possible that the poker room rules forced AA-guy to say “Do whatever you want.”

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    • The band is called Palmyra and you can find them on Bandcamp. The show uses samples from different songs if theirs.

      I liked the live ethics/situation spot. There used to be spots like that quite often.

  2. I was the one who played the hand at harrahs. I did win the Pf raise and my call, only gave him back the turn bet. Thanks for discussing, hadn’t ever dealt with anything like that.

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