Episode 200

Wow! Two hundred episodes! In this special episode, we invite our most frequents guests as well as several of our most active community members to reminisce about the show’s past and help us dream about its future.

0:30 – Nate & Andrew
18:55 – Matt Glassman (First Appearance: Episode 191)
74:36 – Leo Wolpert (First Appearance: Episode 10)
91:23 – Gareth Chantler (First Appearance: Episode 6)
119:54 – Jason Simon (First Appearance: Episode 158)
136:57 – Eileen Sutton (First Appearance: Episode 197)
163:35 – Alex Rosenburg
181:02 – Sean Lango (First Appearance: Episode 49)
207:37 – Carlos Welch (First Appearance: Episode 39)

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40 thoughts on “Episode 200

  1. Hey Guys, I just came across your blog. There’s some good stuff here.

    I just started a ‘Best of Poker’ series on my blog which aims to feature the best poker content on the web on a monthly basis. Podcasts, videos and articles are welcome, and I think some of your stuff would make for great pieces. It will help you because your posts will be seen by all of my readers, plus the link backs are great for your site as well.

    Feel free to submit any of your posts (old or archived posts are fine) on my blog here: http://www.alectorelli.com/best-of-poker-series-1

    Each month the most popular ones will be selected as winners, and I’ll include some of my personal favorites as well. My goal is to showcase the best poker content on a monthly basis and help raise the bar for what the influencers produce.

    Thanks for your time.
    Alec Torelli

  2. Thanks Matt for the shoutout. I just assume what I am doing now is not that interesting to AB and Nate, but especially to the listenership. Plus to get a good interview out of me now, ie not one that was about me but rather what’s happening where I am working / what I’m observing and writing about, they’d have to do some reading beforehand, which is daunting/depressing.

    +1 to bring back book reviews. My favourite. Happy to read and review anytime.

    • “There is some good stuff here.” Newsflash you’re officially influencers! And have qualified for the best of poker mail in your $50 plus shipping and handling.

  3. I like how Matt gets on as the first guest and proceeds to mercilessly tear into the show for a couple minutes straight.

    I discovered the podcast around #125 (this show might be more responsible than anything else for getting me hooked on poker) and now I think I’ve listened to nearly every episode. The strategy segments have improved my game, but the real gems reside in the off-the-cuff philosophical discussion and reflections on human nature and life. Hope this makes it to 300.

  4. Also all-time favorite thinking poker moment (don’t know the episode off the top of my head) is Nate spontaneously quoting DMX when talking about security precautions when leaving a casino

    “if you flashin’ it, you must not want it”

    • Ha! That was quite a while ago now. I’m impressed it stuck in your memory so long! Thanks very much for your comments here and (especially) for listening!

    • I’m pretty sure if you look up “renaissance man” in the dictionary it has a picture of Nate next to it.

      (If you look up “dilettante” in the dictionary it has a picture of me next to it.)

  5. I too, would have like to see Bank of Timex realised, but the end result would inevitably be someone who didn’t understand credit risk, be it Bank of Timex or Bank of Not Timex, blowing up owning several million they didn’t have.

    I also am in awe of people like Timex who can implement their intellectual expertise in practical ways. Ed Thorp is an example that springs to mind. (I’ve often wondered why you’ve not had Alex Jacob on as a guest, as he seems a natural fit.)

    & It’s been too long since Leo’s been on!

    • Ian: Thanks so much for listening to the show and for contributing so much to the blog / on Twitter / etc. over the years. It’s always a pleasure to read what you have to say.

      FWIW, the Bank of Timex sort of exists now as PokerShares.

      Yes, we went too long without Leo!

      • “Yes, we went too long without Leo!”

        Agreed. What we gain on the podcast, we lose on Twitter apparently. I tried his handle today and it says he doesn’t exist.

        I don’t like this simulation.

        • First off, thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. I haven’t listened to the episode yet, and when I do I will probably skip my own section. Hope everyone enjoyed listening to my off-the-cuff ramblings. Unfortunately, podcast rungood skipped me this time, and I got slaughtered the next few sessions I played after Nate and I recorded. Oh well.

          Don’t worry, Carlos. I’m back on twitter. Just took a break so I could grind legal work without having such an addictive distraction at hand. Also I was starting to post politics takes instead of pet pictures, a classic symptom of Miserable Prick Syndrome.

          • Good to know Leo. I too have been bitten by the political twitter bug in spite of seeing Nate’s tweet warning against the futility of it. I’m gonna make an effort to go back to using twitter for what I do best… passive aggressively bitching about other things and generally enjoying life.

            • You had one of the highest value political RT’s of the year. “You are Still Crying Wolf.” I’ll not summarize why I loved that post here, but readers will find it easily if they are interested.

  6. Congratulations on an outstanding milestone! Enjoyed the 200th and looking forward to many more. Interview Question of The Show goes to Carlos’ candid question to Nate about his poker progress since playing more. Nate’s answer embodies why I love this show! Other than Brian Rast’s $50k package, Nate’s PLO8 was the only non NL tournament I attempted to buy (I’m glad I was able to get Rast’s!). Nate’s answer makes it even more clear that those were the two of the best bargain tournament investments of the 2016 WSOP.

    • Thanks John. That question was asked only a couple of days before Nate won a $190 tournament for $18K. Good to see that even the hosts benefit from the podcast rungood effect.

    • Thanks very much for the note, John, and for trying to buy that piece of me! Very good to hear you still find the show worth listening to.

  7. Great episode, thanks guys. One of my favorite TPP moments was the interview with Gareth after he put in his notice to leave his job. He said something to the effect of “quitting with a plan would be a bad idea, because you’d be doing it for the wrong reasons.” And that “it’s good to quit without a plan, because you’re probably doing it for the right reasons.” In and of itself, that thought is well worth pondering. But then he asks Nate what he thinks, and we get a classic Nate Meyvis moment (even rivaling the Eggers spot) : “I think ‘not having a plan’ doesn’t mean you’re doing it for the right reasons.” Some laughter, a pause, and an attempt by Nate to reformulate. “The fact that you’re doing something for *reasons*… You might think you have a better chance of doing something for the right reasons if you’re doing it for *reasons* at all.” That exchange: the humor and banter combined with the intellectual curiosity and exploration of your own and each others’ self-awarenesses conveys so much of what is great about this show.

  8. I just got through the epic ep200, and damn if my eyes didn’t get just a *little* misty … congrats.

    Nate talking about how the three great American things are Jazz Baseball & Poker gave me the chuckleworthy thought that the two of you are like the Ken Burns of poker. I’m envisioning a PBS miniseries with black&white photos of Binions cross-fading over instrumentals by Palmyra & actors doing voiceover for Amarillo Slim talking about slitting his own throat.

    Another Nate reminiscence – about Dmitri Nobles – requires me to proclaim that when Dmitri stood up and yelled “Send him out on a stretcher!” on ESPN, I was the guy on the stretcher (I may have told you this story at a meetup or elsewhere, but it’s my 15 seconds of fame/ignominy and I feel compelled to trot it out when I have the opportunity).

    Keep up the excellent work – here’s to 200 more…


  9. I don’t recall how I found the podcast way back when it was new, but very glad I did. What a run! Keep it up. Loved the reminiscing. Thoughts I had during #200. 1) I had a manual transmission when I heard Carlos talking about coasting the off ramps (as I recall). I would have made him proud one morning when I coasted about 1/2 a mile until I turned down my street for work. Hooray for nit-driving! 2) Listing to all the Carlos stories about life-nitting made me recall a black Friday of sorts moment we had several years ago when the grocery stores cancelled double coupons! Man, we used to get a lot of free stuff that way. We still use them when we can, but the glory days are long gone. 🙁 3) Poker Poker Poker! Love it all – the conversations, interviews, strategy segments, book reviews, etc. Way too many highlights to note here. 4) Thank you for your dedication and persistence. KUDOS! 5) Congrats to Nate for the recent tournament win. Very nice indeed! 6) I call your 200 and raise you another 200 episodes!

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