Free Poker Strategy Video With Jamie Kerstetter

Below you’ll find nearly a full hour of high-quality tournament poker strategy, a combination of hand review and general strategy talk. Best of all, one of the participants is the always-delightful Jamie Kerstetter, so you’re bound to get a few laughs as you learn. If you enjoy listening to her, be sure to check out her Twitch channel!

Jamie and I created this video as part of a year-end fundraising campaign for the Bay Area Urban Debate League. Donations are always welcome!

6 thoughts on “Free Poker Strategy Video With Jamie Kerstetter

  1. I really enjoyed the video, especially the second half. I am an aspiring poker player and I always seem to learn something new by listening to your podcast but I really appreciated what Jamie and you discussed about absorbing the bad beats. I have such a hard time leaving the table after someone make a ridiculous call and even worse call on the turn to catch their 4 outer on the river. But it is part for poker (variance) and in order to become a complete player I have been working on my acceptance to the results. As Lucky Chewy puts it: “Many of the struggles I endured when I lost came from holding on to attachments of an outcome, or expectations of a perceived result which I had falsely created.”
    It was reassuring hearing you discuss the growth that is needed to become a better, not perfect, poker player.
    I was also interested in the HUD stats that Jamie utilized, usually I see HUD’s with some many stats where hers seemed to have a few of the basics. I’d be curious to see what they are and how she utilizes her data from her HUD during live online play.

    Thanks again for your insight and I look forward to your future podcast.

  2. I think as a poker player it is important to learn as much as you can. I was glad to find your podcast – I definitely found it helpful, thanks for sharing!

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