Episode 201: Kyle Loman

Kyle Loman plays $1/$3 no-limit for a living, but it hasn’t always been that way. Years ago, he was grinding high-stakes with a six-figure bankroll. In this revealing interview, he talks about shot-taking, staking, bad loans, and coming to terms with his new life as a small stakes grinder.


0:30 – hello
16:11 – strat
43:40 – kyle


Hand 1

$200 MTT. Blinds 600/1200/200. Hero opens to 3000 with Ah As in early position, BB calls.

Flop (8400) Kd 9s 3s. Check, 4200, call.

Turn (16800) 3. Check, Hero bets 9200, call.

River (34,400) 8s. BB is all in for ~30K, Hero?

Hand 2

7-handed at final table. Blinds 30K/60K, Hero (2.2M) is chipleader and opens to 150K UTG with AQo, second chipleader calls on Button (1.5M), BB (450Kish) calls.

(525K) 854r BB checks, Hero bets 225K, Button calls, BB folds.

(975K) 7. Hero?


7 thoughts on “Episode 201: Kyle Loman

  1. HI kyle, we once had a big tourney hand together in a 3500 . I always wanted to discuss it. Good luck in Vegas with your family.

  2. Good podcast. Being a low limit cash game grinder myself this podcast was very relateable and would encourage more guests like that. It seems Kyle is conflicted as he loves the game, its giving him a decent income and lifestyle but at the same time hates certain parts of it, tough spot to be in…

    And as for that dude not paying off his debt even though he’s still playing poker and clearly still has money is bullshit. If I had to sit next to him and deal this scumbag cards id be absolutely steaming, I mean this guy is basically spitting in his face. Generally speaking consequences dictate course of action and right now there’s no consequences therefore he has no reason to pay up, It’s up to you how you word it but i’d be putting pressure on this guy to pay what he owes you .Kyle its time to get with stern with this degen loser, give him the hard word and tell him to cough up with the cash he owes you !!!!

  3. Very interesting conversation. As someone who used to play poker with Kyle and absolutely hated being involved in pots with him I am happy to hear he’s doing well. I always wondered what it is like going pro and as much as I wanted to go that route I could never pull the trigger, I can’t handle the swings. Looking forward to seeing you back in Ma when you’re ready to start having those babies Kyle! Hope you end up back on the North Shore.

  4. Another great episode!
    I felt like what kyle was driving at when he said he doesn’t lose pots is that he makes good fundamental decisions on early streets. Even possibly passing on the most marginal spots early in a hand.
    That is a thought process i have been trying to adopt. So even if i make an incorrect decision it is not as impactful to my overall winrate as the pot is still small. Thats certainly not a value maximizing play but one designed to mitigate the big swings. So of an extension of the big hands for big pots heuristic.
    Or maybe I’m just a chicken!?Either way im in the black on bubbbles.

  5. Now that Andrew and Nate have each recently grasped outright victory from a live tournament, would it be too much to hope for a Final Table (or just late stages) version of the Thinking Poker Premium Podcast(TM)?

  6. Great interview, guys! Loved Kyle’s point of view and story. As a player who is hoping to make a living playing the lower limits like 2/5 and 5/10, I found Kyle’s story and attitude very inspiring. Thanks for all the great work!

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