Episode 202: Christian Harder

Christian Harder is a long-standing pro whose history with Nate and Andrew dates back to the early days of the 2+2 MTT forum. His most recent claim to fame is victory in the $5000 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event. We talk to him about his rise to the top, his friendship with Greg Merson, and the ups and downs of life as a (primarily) east coast tournament grinder. Follow Christian on Twitter!


0:30 Hello and welcome
3:05 Interview

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3 thoughts on “Episode 202: Christian Harder

  1. Fun interview with an OG, thanks!

    Funny how so many people assume that not getting a degree is regret-worthy. These days, with the cost of higher education increasing (and the value of degrees decreasing), getting one degree too many can be a real life-ruiner. Kudos to Charder for being self-aware enough not to waste the money, time and effort on a likely-useless degree.

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