Free Poker Strategy Video With Matt Berkey!

In December of 2016, the Thinking Poker community raised over $8000 for the Bay Area Urban Debate League, and I’m so grateful to everyone who contributed! I promised a free half-hour of strategy video for every $500 we raised, and after releasing videos with Carlos Welch, Jamie Kerstetter, and Nate Meyvis, I fell a little behind. Today, I hope to more than make up for it by bringing you the first of two videos I made with the amazing Matt Berkey!

If you didn’t donate during the campaign, please enjoy the video and then donate whatever you feel it was worth to you. Thanks!

Edit: Courtesy of Carlos Welch, here are links to the TV footage of the hands we discuss:

Hand 1

Hand 2

Also please note that there’s a typo in the video for Hand 2. The flop was actually 844 with two diamonds.

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