Episode 205: Ronnie Bardah

Ronnie Bardah has been a poker pro since before “The Boom”, and though he’s perhaps most famous for his five consecutive cashes in the WSOP Main Event, he’s a Fixed Limit Hold ‘Em player first and foremost. He shares his story growing up in and around casinos, experiencing the early days of no-limit hold ’em at Foxwoods, getting shut out of big private games in Florida, and eventually moving to Las Vegas to play Limit Hold ‘Em at Bellagio.


Tournament Poker Edge

NYC Live Event with Just Hands Poker


0:30 – Hello & Welcome
6:50 – Strategy: Top-Top in a Straddled Pot
40:38 – Interview: Ronnie Bardah


$2/$5 NLHE, $500 effective stacks.

UTG straddles for $15, UTG2 raises to $45, Hero calls Ad Kc on the button, both blinds call, and the straddle folds.

Flop ($179) As 4c 4s. Villain bets $80, Hero calls, blinds fold.

Turn ($339) 8c. Villain bets $150, Hero calls.

River ($639) 8s. Villain shoves $130, Hero calls.

3 thoughts on “Episode 205: Ronnie Bardah

  1. Needs another hour. Foxwoods guys never disapoint. Billy Sharkey, Alan Boston, John The Lawyer, Super Dave, all need a redux. Skype has group chat, right …

  2. I was pleasantly surprised by this episode. When I saw him in WSOP highlights and on ‘Shark Cage’, Ronnie didn’t seem like one of “my kind of people” (I’m a math/theory nerd and don’t give much credit to feel players), but I thought he came across really well, with some good insights on life as a live pro.

    • TBH that was kind of my reaction as well. I played with Ronnie once years ago and although he did nothing wrong, I was left with the vague impression that he would be a little too “bro-ey” for my tastes. Talking with him gave me a quite a different impression, and he seemed much more like “my kind of guy”. I love when the podcast gives me a chance to get to know people better and reminds me not to form such shallow judgments!

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