Episode 206: Pair Plus Draw

It’s all strategy this week, as Nate and Andrew review two hands in which the Hero flops a strong pair plus the nut flush draw.


Tournament Poker Edge

NYC Live Event with Just Hands Poker


0:30 hello
12:36 strat

Hand 1

$2/$5 NLHE, 9-handed, $500 effective stacks.

UTG1 limps, Villain limps HJ, Hero raises to $25 with Ac Qs, SB and both limpers call.

Flop ($105 in the pot) Qc 7c 3c. Checks to HJ, HJ bets $30, Hero calls, other two fold.

Turn ($165) 8h. Villain bets $40, Hero raises to $120, Villain calls.

River ($405) 8d. Villain bets $175, Hero?

Hand 2

$1/3 NLHE, nine-handed, $400 effect stacks.

Villain limps UTG, another player limps, Hero raises to $15 with Ah Ad in the BB. UTG calls, other player folds.

Flop (~$30) 6d 5d 3d. Hero checks, Villain bets $25, Hero raises to $80, Villain calls.

Turn (~$190) Jc. Hero checks. Villain shoves $289, Hero?

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