Selling Action in WSOP/Summer Preliminary Events

Edit: Sold out! Thanks everyone!

Cliff’s Notes: Selling action in a full slate of Las Vegas summer tournaments. Increments as small as 1% are available, with discounts for larger pieces. I run my packages a bit differently than most, so if you’re interested, please read carefully: 

This Google spreadsheet lists all of the tournaments that could be played on the stake, but there are no guarantees. I’ll collect money up front that hopefully will be enough to cover the entire summer, but depending on how things go there’s some chance that further investment will be required in order to have a piece of some of the final events. Any unused buyins will be returned along with your share of winnings at the end of the series (mid-July).

This package does not include the WSOP Main Event. I will be selling that separately and posting details in the next few weeks.

In the left column are the events I’m more likely to play, on the right are other possibilities. Even among those on the left, some are much more likely than others. The idea is, on any day that I feel like playing a tournament, to have an easy answer to the question, “What is the best tournament to play today?”

Largely for my own reference, tournaments with multiple flights are generally listed more than once. Any flight for any tournament on this list is authorized, even if that particular flight isn’t explicitly listed. In other words, if I only listed Flights A – F for the Planet Hollywood event, but I end up playing Flight G, that will still be on the stake.

I’m going to start by collecting money based on $40K worth of buy-ins. That’s a pretty conservative number, but again, there is no guarantee that this will be enough to cover all of the events, so additional investment could be required if you want a piece of the later events. I’ll keep you updated on progress throughout the summer.

Mark-up will be 1.3 for pieces smaller than 5%, and 1.25 for 5% or more. That means each 1% share is $520 up front, and each 5% share is $2500. I’m looking to sell 50% of the package, and 35% is already sold as of this posting. I will update when sold out.

Please comment here or email andrew (at) thinkingpoker (dot) net with questions or if you’d like buy a piece.


1. Several of these events are re-entries. I will not forfeit a stack in order to re-enter on a subsequent flight, except in an extreme circumstance where I believe this decision to be +EV for the stake (and not merely for my own hourly rate). This would require the stack to be quite miniscule and the value of playing another flight quite high, a situation that’s unlikely to arise.

2. Decisions about which of the listed tournaments to play and whether to enter late will be at my sole discretion. There’s a real chance that, if I bust a Primary tournament early and it is not a re-entry, that I will late register one of the Secondary tournaments. If I do so, I may reduce the mark-up on that event, but that will be at my discretion.

3. My winnings as well as any payments I make to you may be reported to the IRS, and you will need to provide address, social security number (or equivalent, for non-Americans), and any other information required for this purpose. This isn’t information that I need in advance, but in the event that I need to pay out profits to you, it’s information I’ll need to collect before paying out your share of the winnings.

4. Payment can be made via Venmo, customer-to-customer bank transfer (I have accounts with Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Capital One 360), in-person deposit into my Wells Fargo or Bank of America account, or cash in Vegas if you can get it to me around the start of the series. Paypal insists that I pay a 3% fee on this sort of transaction, so I’m inclined not to use them, but if it’s your only option we can discuss it. I will do my best to pay you back in the same form in which you paid me, but especially in the happy event that I owe you a lot of money, I can’t guarantee that.

5. Only the tournaments listed on the linked spreadsheet are part of the stake. Any other cash games or tournaments I play during this time, whether or not they are part of the WSOP, will not be paid for using stake money, nor will stakers be entitled to anything I win in them.

6. Sponsorships, promotions, and anything else I receive as a result of playing these tournaments will not be shared with stakers unless they are funded from the prize pool (I don’t believe there’s anything that fits this bill, but I could be mistaken). That’s right, if I make quad jacks, I’m keeping the jerky for myself!

Please let me know if you’re interested or if you have any questions. Thanks as always for considering it!

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