Episode 217: Exploiting Recreational Players with Matt Glassman

Matt Glassman and Nate Meyvis discuss spectating the World Series of Poker, executive privilege, the political consequences of impeachment, and how to exploit recreational players. Andrew makes a brief cameo to discuss his WSOP so far and how to have fun while playing ten-handed no-limit hold ’em. The book Matt recommended is A Man for All Markets.

2 thoughts on “Episode 217: Exploiting Recreational Players with Matt Glassman

  1. Straight up fucking trash, came to listen to poker and I have to listen to some millennial douche bag talk about comey. News flash his testimony did absolutely nothing. Never listening to this trash again

  2. Ed Thorp always really impressed me, precisely because he had both the academic mindset to do the maths and the risk appetite to take his findings to the casino. I guess as you said, the hedge fund world is probably where those people are most common, but having inhabited it for a few years I only came across a few of them – I think they’re quite rare.

    I recall when the team came out with a claim that they’d solved HULHE, Terrance Chan saying something like he was a bit dubious because if they were really confident they’d really solved it, why weren’t they using the model to crush the game. I was surprised, because he’s a smart guy and that seemed to be a very poker-player centric way of thinking about it, and a pretty poor understanding of human psychology – not least because people have different risk appetites.

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