Selling WSOP Main Event Shares

Edit: Sold out.

I’m selling action in the WSOP Main Event, in increments of 1% or 5%. Mark-up is 2.0 for increments of 1% ($200 each), or 1.8 for increments of 5% ($900 each). These prices are based on what my action sold at in last year’s auction. My goal is to have approximately 33% of my own action in this tournament.

Please also be aware that my winnings as well as any payments I make to you may be reported to the IRS, and you will need to provide address, social security number (or equivalent, for non-Americans), and any other information required for this purpose. This isn’t information that I need in advance, but in the event that I need to pay out profits to you, it’s information I’ll need to collect before paying out your share of the winnings.

If you’re interested or have questions, please leave a comment here or write me at andrew (at) thinkingpoker net.

7 thoughts on “Selling WSOP Main Event Shares

    • I think historically I’ve done a poor job of estimating this and have undervalued myself. As I mentioned in the post, the prices here are based on what an auction for my main event last year valued me at (and, as it turns out, what I sold for in just a few hours this year). For comparison, PokerShares tells me (I can’t check for myself, from the US) that they are selling my Main Event action at 2.4.

  1. Hope nobody alerts Andrew Barber, NN Taleb or dusty-ass Hammurabi’s ghost to this freeroll.

  2. It’s a freeroll but it doesn’t smell bad to me. Basing everything on the 2.0 rate and selling 67% of the 10K tournament, Andrew’s up $3400 after registration, but the market says his own 33% share is worth about $6600, so his clear main benefit in the tournament is still from diligently exercising his skill playing well in the tournament (when you include the future sale value of pieces he also effectively has more of himself than it seems at first sight).

    I remember Andrew and Nate spending 13 minutes discussing my $0.91+$0.09 tournament hand where I reached the flop with an SPR of 1 – I think that unlike other some players they really need a potential pain factor in order to want to play every single hand as best as they can – though there is always going to be pain in the WSOP main event anyway.

    Also worth remembering that in the 1997 WSOP someone freerolled by selling 50% at 2.0 and it worked out pretty well for the investor.

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