Episode 223: E-Tay

Esther Taylor, better known as E-Tay, is a mixed game player who also knows how to kick ass in no-limit hold ’em tournaments. Andrew talks to her about learning new games, being a poker-playing mom, and more. Plus Carlos Welch and his alter ego Carloose join for strategy discussion!


0:30 – hello
8:29 – strat
46:20 – etay


NLHE tournament, 2000/4000 with a 400 ante. I had the big stack at the table, at about 280k or so. The villain in this hand was second in chips with 235k. There were roughly 36 players left, with 32 getting paid.

Action folds to him in the hijack, he makes it 11,500, I have JJ, and make it 30k. All fold back to him, he calls quickly.

Pot is ~69k . He checks blind (he did this a lot). Flop comes 467r. I bet 45K, Villain calls.

Pot ~159k. He checks blind again (less common for him to do this on the turn). Turn is a 2. I check behind.

~159k. River is a 3. He thinks for a couple seconds and shoves for 161k.

2 thoughts on “Episode 223: E-Tay

  1. sorry forgot where to send questions and I wanted to write it before I forgot ( oops hear Nate say I should have typed it into word, Andrew says, at least write it down old school way, not for the new kids.)
    Since Wsop is over I was thinking of staking deals ( and how much Money will one (twin) give the other twin? almost how much would Nate give Andrew!)?
    And I was wondering what is the dollar amount that you would give everyone (accept to stake) to have 50% of someone in the main event, who you at least were told cashed a local tourney or had a bank balance on an online poker site? Assume there is no chance you won’t get paid.

  2. I thought it was interesting she criticised modern NLHE games as unattractive as they don’t have the 3-bet, 4-bet, 5-bet battles they did previously.

    I more often hear it the other way round that people don’t like the 3-betting in the modern game and preferred the family pots they had before when they could see more flops.

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