Episode 225: Taking the Variance out of Poker

Michael Bowling and Dustin Morrill of the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group return to the show to discuss the results of DeepStackAI‘s heads up matches against human players including Nate and Andrew! They also introduce AIVAT, their tool for measuring many of the ways in which luck contributed to the outcomes of the matches.


Michael Johanson and Dustin Morrill discuss Nate and Andrew’s play against DeepStackAI on Episode 210
Michael Bowling introduces DeepStack AI
on Episode 208
CPRG Solves Heads Up Limit Hold ‘Em (Episode 110)
Introducing the Computer Poker Research Group on Episode 78
DeepStackAI Article in Science
Andrew and Nate battle DeepStackAI on Twitch
More DeepStackAI matches on YouTube


0:30 – hello
5:46 – strategy
83:29 – CPRG

$1/$2 NLHE with a $4 straddle. UTG1 limps, HJ limps, Hero raises $24 with AThh on Button, Villain calls in BB, rest fold.

Flop ($56 in pot) Ac 5h 2d. Check, Hero bets $30, Villain calls.

Turn ($116 in pot) Td. Check, Hero bets $65, Villain raises to $155.

River ($426 in pot) 8h. Villain checks. Hero?

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