Episode 228: Jose Pachon

Jose Pachon is a professional poker player based out of Providence, Rhode Island, but his story begins in the 1970s in Pablo Escobar’s Colombia. We discuss his childhood in the turbulent country, how he came to America, and how he ended up playing poker professionally.

Plus, Nate makes a return to the show! And a strategy discussion about flopping a straight on a monotone board!


0:30 – Hello and Welcome
3:50 – Strategy
16:31 – Jose Pachon
24:49 – Nate’s back!


UTG + 1, MP, CO, button, and SB limp. Hero checks 5h 4d in the BB.

The flop comes 367ddd. SB checks, Hero bets $20, UTG + 1, CO, and SB all call.

The turn comes the 7s. SB bets $25. Hero raises to $60, UTG + 1 raises to $250. Action gets folded back around to SB who calls instantly. Hero?

2 thoughts on “Episode 228: Jose Pachon

  1. This was the first time I have heard of this program . I love the game too. Jose has given me a few hints in the game . I have actually met his friends he plays with at the different casinos , even when I visited he and his wife Lyndsey who is my grandaughter . They had moved to Vegas for a couple of years . He and I have poker I common . But I like to play mostly tournaments and not for much money , usually a very small buy-in . It is wonderful game and is my hobby and whenever I can I play . Maybe once every one or two months . Jose is a great dad and husband .

  2. I enjoyed the interview with Jose very much, and I loved hearing him talk about his family. He does indeed sound like a wonderful father and husband. I was touched to hear how his mother was so supportive as well.

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